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Complete Baltics is a creative web solution boutique. We are versatile web media experts striving to bring a thrilling and unique experience into all of our work. We combine bleeding edge technology with ingenious design ideas.

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Complete Baltics was born out of desire to make the web better. We focus on quality and unique solutions to create world class web projects that everyone can enjoy. Our work can be seen in all mediums: web, print and mobile. We always want to take on a challenge, so we can deploy all of our knowledge and experience to progress with every new project. Our boutique specializes in concept development, design and technical realization.

From a small speck of land in the Baltics called – Lithuania, a petite resort town Palanga, we bring you our best work to date.

How do we do it


Every project starts with a study of our client’s and its target groups needs and wishes. We analyze the brand and its surroundings, requirements, necessities and add a sophisticated flavor to this mix to create an outstanding concept. We try to work as closely as possible with our clients in this stage so that the finished product will be impeccable.


This stage of a project is very important to the end result as here we refine ideas, add bells and whistles and create prototypes so that you can get the look and feel of the finished product. Only a pure prototype can guaranty minimal glitches nearing the completion. So to get the most of your project we refine, purify and polish all the edges before taking a concept to production.


This is the stage where the final design, programming, front end development, asset production, etc. starts. Here all of our ideas come to life and the beta version is born. After thorough testing and minor changes the finished product can be released to the world.


We are very happy for the recognition. It made us smile from ear to ear!


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