What we do

Here at Complete Baltics we engage projects with a smart approach, would it be an innovative web application, revamping a brand or introducing a new product. We love a challenge and we hate staying in the box, so we apply a wide variety of media to make you stand out. 3D animation, bleeding edge design ideas, ingenious system development or an original concept, we always bring state-of-the-art problem solving to our work. Scroll down and meet our crew.

Complete Baltics branding


Stand out of the masses

Every service provider or product manufacturer needs to stand out of the crowd. We can help you achieve this goal by adding sophisticated flavor to a great product. Complete Baltics goes beyond regularity, we create things that grab attention. We apply refined esthetics, creative thinking and our experience to deliver your message loudly.

Complete Baltics design


Creative direction

A great design consists of fine esthetics, research, creative thoughts, expert modeling and interactive adjustments. Complete Baltics examines your product and your needs to bring the perfect combination of all of them. Minimal, realistic, futuristic or even impressionistic - no style is foreign to us, we will bring an impeccable visual to every project.

Complete Baltics Drupal developers

Drupal developers

One of the best CMS around

Drupal is an open source content management platform (CMS) powering millions of websites and applications. We use it to build everything form brochure websites to sophisticated enterprise applications. Scalability and security are just a few strong suits of this magnificent CMS. A vast community and active development makes it better every day and we are proud to be part of it.

Complete Baltics web development

Web development

Creative programming

We make it work, from front end to server side development we apply intelligent strategies to write efficient code. JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, PHP are just a few curse words you will not have to know. Ideas should not be limited by technology, so we use creative programming to develop great looking, functional projects that acquire happy clients.

Complete Baltics 3D design


Show your vision

Want to present a new product or service, but it is hard to get your idea across with words or a simple graphic? Or you want to get some extra attention with a mind-blowing concept? We can offer 3D animation to communicate your message to the audience. We can render visions to reality.